Wednesday, August 26, 2015


My name is Christopher Bates, if that wasn't already obvious, and this is my blog for the Visual Communications course here at Dixie State University. 

I am currently attending Dixie as a senior, and have been attending since 2013. I originally moved to Utah from Washington State, where I grew up. That being said, I very much dislike the dry heat of Saint George, and I always find myself asking "Where the hell did all the water go?"

Jokes aside, I've been studying communications, graphic design, and film the entirety of my time attending university. I absolutely adore the creative freedom that multimedia and digital applications can give someone, and I'm looking to invest my time and skills into editing advertisements for varying companies after obtaining my Bachelors degree. I currently am employed as an editor at a local production company, and I do believe this position will be my foray into the career branch that I'm seeking. 

To wrap up this introductory post, I'm hoping this class will help cement the theories I have been taught throughout my four years of collegiate education. Visual communication is the very backbone of what I have been studying, and I wonder why I've waited this long to enroll. I am very excited for this course, and I am also looking forward to the group projects... They sound quite entertaining.

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