Monday, September 7, 2015

On Contrast, Balance, and Harmony...

The image above is rendered gorgeously, and is a prime example when it comes to the basics of artistic and visual design. The texture of the tiger's fur instills a sense of touch; making someone almost believe that they know exactly what the fur feels like against their hand. The colors chosen in this photo bring to light the sheer animosity of the subject, with the bright orange eye popping out over the drab gray-scale and radial gradient of the background. The eye draws the viewer's attention almost immediately solely from this color choice.

The shadows present in the tiger's stripes in context to the bright highlights of the fur showcase the intricate and mazelike pattern, giving a sense of balance from dark and light. The positioning of the subject in the frame indicate a sense of urgency. The rule of thirds has been moved slightly left, positioning the tiger closer to whatever or whomever it's gaze is focused on.

Harmony of the piece is achieved directly through this photo's contrast and use of balance, in likeness to yin and yang. In cultural context this tiger could also be representative of the struggle to avoid extinction, with the snarling mouth and pointed ears. This tiger is clearly in a defensive position; holding back his ferocity until provoked into further stages of his instinct of survival.

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  1. Did you choose this photo just because it looks super awesome or did you feel an emotional connection with it that made you decide to use it? Do you have the eye-of-the-tiger within you??