Saturday, October 24, 2015

Composing My Frame

I stopped to take this photo on my evening jog through the Green Springs neighborhood. At the top of the hill is an open space with a view of the valley, and the timing of the sunset was absolutely spot-on. The branches in the foreground draw your eye to the left of the frame, acting as a natural index vector. The placement of the edge of the branch also aligns with the right third of the frame, The branch in the background peaks at the left third of the frame, and the sunset sits in the bottom right third. These three points form a triangle of interest, and help frame the photo. The heavy lead room to the left was intentional, however I did not consider what the lead room would be drawing the eye toward. The horizon line being pushed into the lower third of the photo gives the branches more attention in the frame. I gave the horizon a low placement to accentuate the colors of the sunset and contrast found in the shadow-like outlines of the branches and darkness of the valley. Finally, the rule of thirds being applied to the setting sun gives this landscape shot a wholesome feel. Quite relaxing, if I do say so myself.

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