Thursday, October 29, 2015

Some Of My Favorites

As far as film directors go, I don't have too many that have consistently put out films that I enjoy. Of course there are plenty of movies that I do like, most of which have a focus on storytelling and writing. I'm a fan of the human story, and I believe that a good story and the right know how can pull a film through any lack of expensive equipment and effects. That being said, one of my favorite directors currently is an independent animator named Don Hertzfeldt. Don is an animator in the old sense; hand drawing each of the 24 frames per second with his trusty sharpened pencil. Only recently has Don gone into the digital drawing age, and his short films aren't any worse for it. He got his start after signing a deal with the pop tart guys, and is the artist responsible for the "CRAZY GOOD" commercials. Another one of his short films, entitled 'Rejected', can be found in full on YouTube. This is where most people know Don for his weird and crazy storytelling. Another one of his films, and my personal favorite, is entitled 'It's Such a Beautiful Day'. This film is the most gorgeous piece of storytelling in the simplest form that I have seen this year. It's available on Netflix and if you have a strong tolerance for indie movie artsy quirks, I highly reccommend you check it out.

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